The Templer Family from Somerset, Devon and Dorset

Field Marshall Sir Gerald Templer


Field Marshall Sir Gerald Templer

After a distinguished career in both the WW1 and WW2 where he became one of the youngest Generals in the British Army, he was given the dubious job of Director of Military Government in the British zone of war torn Germany. In October 1951, High Commissioner Gurney of Malaya was assassinated by communist guerrillas. Gerald Templer was sent out by the British Government to take over as High Commissioner and for the next four years he organized the defense of Malaya and then the total collapse of the communist guerillas. In the period of wars with the communists in South East Asia, this was one of the few occasions where the  communists were totally beaten. His nickname became Templer Tiger of Malaya and I believe that he is well remembered in Malaya to this day

Gerald Templer became Chief of the Imperial General Staff of the British Army, the highest position in Her Majesty's Armed Forces.

1938 to 1939            General Staff Officer 2 War Office

1939 to 1940            General Staff Officer 1 British Expeditionary Force, France

1940                        General Staff Officer 1 Macforce, France

1940                        Commanding Officer 9th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment

1940 to 1941            Commanding Officer 210th Independent Brigade

1941 to 1942            Brigadier General Staff V Corps

1942                        General Officer Commanding 47th Division

1942 to 1943            General Officer Commanding II Corps

1943                        General Officer Commanding XI Corps

1943 to 1944           General Officer Commanding 56th Division, Italy - North Africa

1944                        Temporary  General Officer Commanding 1st Division, Italy

1944                        General Officer Commanding 6th Armored Division, Italy

1944                        Wounded

1945 to 1946           Director Allied Military Gov'nt British Zone of Occupation Germany

1946 to 1948          Director of Military Intelligence, War Office

1948 to 1950          Vice Chief Imperial General Staff, War Office

1950 to 1952          General Officer Commander in Chief Eastern Command

1952 to 1954          High Commissioner & Commander in Chief -  Malaya

1955 to 1958          Chief Imperial General Staff, War Office

A very good biography of Sir Gerald Templer is written in "Templer Tiger of Malaya" by John Cloake ISBN 0 245 54204 3 although I suspect it is out of print. I have seen copies for sale on Ebay