The Templer Family from Somerset, Devon and Dorset

Other Templer Families

Our American friends 

What seems strange is, that so far we don't have records of any of our Templers emigrating to the United States, until the last few years, although we would love you to prove us wrong. If you are searching for American Templers it may be worth checking out this Templer family website

The Hampshire Templers

This family started with the marriage of Edward Templer and Elizabeth Elms in 1775 at Lymington, Hampshire. We would love to know more about this family.

The Perry Purpill Templers

Perry Purpill (Purple) Templer seems to be very influential in Madras, India, having originated from London. We thought that he may have associated with James Templer of Stover making his fortune. So far we haven't linked his family to the Devon Templers.

Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Northamptonshire and Wiltshire Templers

There is a family of Templers who can trace their heritage to the above counties. Until recently, I have never researched these families as I have always considered them to be a separate branch. I am know starting to build up family trees for these families but if anybody has done this previously, please get in touch. I am not sure if these families are directly related to each other or maybe to the Somerset Templers. Maybe DNA analysis will give us an answer.

DNA analysis

Some members of the Templer family, including myself, are in the process of having our DNA tested. If you are a male Templer and have had your DNA tested, please contact me and we can compare results.