The Templer Family from Somerset, Devon and Dorset


The main Templer tree

We now have about 400 records of various members and I am sure that there are still many more to find. Most of the hard work of tracing our family was done by cousins, (Jack) John Francis Templer and (Bob) Cecil Robert Templer who worked on the Salmon Pool side and James Trevor Templer who worked on the Stover side, prior to WWII. Initially it was believe that the Salmon Pool Templers and the Stover Templers were two distinct families, since James Templer, when applying for a Coat of Arms, made the claim that he was a descendant of a Dutch officer in the army of King William of  Orange who came to  England in 1688. This we believe was a red-herring. Eventually the two families were linked together.

Bob and Jack were able to search through wills that were housed at Taunton,  Bob doing the research and Jack  translating from the old English. These records were transferred to  Exeter prior to the war, however, most of these records were lost during an air raid on Exeter. The family tree was passed down to Justin Gauntlett Templer who has passed much of his research on to me and together we are still trying to add to it.

Andrew Templer

The London Templers

This family has been researched by Geoff Trussler who is related through his grandmother. The head of this line of Templers, a William Templer,  came from Alphington and we are quite sure that he related to the Salmon Pool side of the family. At the moment we can't make the link, but if you have any information to help us, we would love to join the two families together