The Templer Family from Somerset, Devon and Dorset

Templer Families

Early Templers

Our Templer family can trace its roots to the Templers of North Petherton in Somerset. Early records show a large number of  Templers in this area and it is from the marriage of Alexander Templer to Agnes Symons in 1573 that our line of Templers descend. Four Generations later our Templers have moved to Exeter in Devon. If you look at the records for Somerset and Devon there are many tens of Templers to be found between 1550 and 1650. While some of these names can be traced to our family, many seemed to have disappeared.

Salmon Pool and Stovers

We have two distinct sides to our family. Alexanderís grandchild Richard had a number of sons, one being Richard and another being Thomas.

Richardís grandchild John settled at an estate called Salmon Pool in the village of Alphington, about a mile south of Exeter in Devon. 

Thomasí grandchild James made a fortune as a building contractor and built a large house  at  Teigngrace in Devon and called it Stover. 

These two families are called the Salmon Pools and the Stovers.

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The London Templers

This family came from Alphington the home of the Salmon Pool side of the family. It migrated to London and many of the stories that have been passed down through the family match up with the main branch. We just can't make the link between the two families.

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The Devonport Templers

William Templer married Mary Roach in 1826 at Devonport, Devon and then emigrated to Australia with his family. Where did William come from?

DNA analysis would seem to indicate that this is family is not related to the Salmon Pool and Stover Templers

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Other Templer Families