The Templer Family from Somerset, Devon and Dorset

Waifs & Strays


We have a number of Waifs and Strays. They may be part of our family or quite separate. If you have any information about these people, please let me know.

Benjamin Templer

Benjamin marries Jane Sutill in Bridport 1854

Charles Templer

Charles marries Alice and has three children all born in Calcutta

Frederick Templer

Frederick marries in Devon in 1852

Harriet Templer

Harriet is born in Secubdcrabad, India in 1834

Henry Line Templer

This Henry Line dies in Yarnmouth, Nofolk in 1844. This is a distinctive name and we have two other Henry Line T. Who is he?

Joseph Daniel Templer

Joseph is born in Exeter in 1846. Who is he?

Joseph L Templer

Joseph marries Elizabeth (both from Devon) and has three children born in Westminster.

Mary Diana Templer

Mary dies in Bridport in 1864

Perry Purpill Templer

Perry Purpill Templer lived in Bengal. We have now trace much of his family but it seems that he is not directly related

Robert Henry Templer

Robert marries Ann Craister in Tynmouth in 1832